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MASU- is a square drinking cup or vessel made of cedar wood. Traditionaly used as a sake cup.

It is originally used to measure rice in Japan.

IZAKAYA- a type of Japanese bar, a spot to grab a drink and eat where salarymen go to afterwork similar to tapas bar.


MASU IZAKAYA- is a contemporary Japanese restaurant in an izakaya setting with sushi bar. It focuses on using local and Japanese ingredients but using Japanese techniques, flavours and presentation. The restaurant celebrates shared dining experience from sushi, sashimi, to your favourite grilled dishes, tempura and with a wide selection of Japanese drinks such as sake, shochu, beers and whiskies. Japanese inspired cocktails and some local and Japanese craft beers are also showcased.

MASU IZAKAYA is headed by Jon Hizola who has worked at some of the best Asian restaurants in the Gold Coast (Kiyomi, Etsu, hideaway kitchen and bar, MR HIzola and Mr Kojima)

Our Location

MAZU IZAKAYA KITCHEN AND BAR is in Burleigh it is located at 2B /1837 Gold Coast Highway under the Ambience Apartments alongside the Burleigh Hotel.

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1837 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads, QLD, 4220
Opening Times

Monday                        Closed

Tuesday– Thursday  4pm  -  9pm

Friday– Saturday      11am  - 10pm

Sunday                          11am  -  9pm

Contact Us
0467 497 467

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